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Designs to meet your style, without sacrificing cleaning power.

Many shapes, styles and colors to choose

Not only do you get unsurpassed cleaning power from our AstroTurf products, you will also find designs that will match your personal style. And don’t just think about the front door, more than half of the dirt in your home comes in from other doors besides your front door. So keep the dirt out while making your home inviting, no matter which door you enter your home. All of our mats have Genuine AstroTurf cleaning power which means less dirt gets into your home and cleaning your Clean Machine doormat is as simple as shake and spray. Clean Machine doormats are also perfect for your RV. We have unique sizes that can be placed outside your door to keep all the places you visit outside and your interior space clean. The many styles and sizes are avialable through many prominent retailers; both in-store and online. View our catalog here and see what can be done when you bring form and fashion together.


These all-AstroTurf doormats are completely made in the U.S.A. and offer edge to edge turf for maximum cleaning power at the lowest price. The AstroTurf is designed to work in all seasons and will remove the dirt or sand from shoes and paws and keep it from being tracked into your home. These mats are especially popular for motorhomes as they are lightweight and work better than competitive mats.


Add some style to your entry without sacrificing any of the cleaning surface. The Ornamental line adds weight and style to the hardest working doormat on the market. These mats have a durable, decorative border that helps the mats stay in place when in windy areas. You can also choose among several border options to match your personal style. The AstroTurf in the middle of these mats remove the dirt from your shoes and paws and keep it from being tracked into the home. These are perfect for front doors and patio doors.


These unique designs and shapes serve special purposes to keep your home clean by keeping dirt, sand and debris outside. We offer a unique boot scraper that is perfect for the home that sees lots of traffic from work boots. The shape not only effectively scrapes the soles of the boots or shoes, but also the sides to remove even more dirt than our flat mats.

Nothing Cleans like Clean Machine

The patented AstroTurf blades scrape dirt, sand and other debris off your shoes with a simple brushing motion of your feet. The design of the doormat allows the particles to fall down, through the blades, and below the surface so it does not go back on your shoes like other mats do. The Clean Machine mats can hold over 1lb of dirt in them before they need to be cleaned (or emptied). Try that with your other doormats.