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Genuine AstroTurf

Nothing works like AstroTurf

Our turf is manufactured in the U.S.A.

We’ve all heard of AstroTurf, but this might be a little different than what you remember on football and baseball fields across the country. This AstroTurf is designed with grass-like “blades”.

We’ve all gotten dirt and mud on our shoes before and didn’t trust a hard surface to remove all of the debris. So what did you do? You took a step over to the grass and you scraped your muddy shoes back and forth in the grass. Why? Because the blades of the grass work great at removing debris from shoes (and paws). Our product’s cleaning action is designed from seeing the cleaning action in nature.

AstroTurf is also perfect for the seaside homes. Keep the sand outside after a day at the beach. The blades act the same way to remove sand from shoes, feet and paws. You know the damage sand can do to your hardwood floors and your carpets, extend the life of both by placing a Clean Machine mat outside your door and shake the sand out every few weeks.

Other doormats just do remove dirt and debris like Clean Machine mats with Genuine AstroTurf.
The AstroTurf is manufactered here in the U.S.A. (some other parts are sourced from other countries), but the core product supports American jobs and is produced in St Louis, MO.

First Step

Carry the mat off the porch and give it a good shake - you'll see all of the dirt you kept out of your home fall to the ground.

Second Step

(If needed) Spray it down with your garden hose, getting any of the trapped dirt out. Again, notice how much dirt it kept from getting inside your home.

Cleaning AstroTurf

Cleaning it is easy

It would be hard to find an easier mat to clean than the Clean Machine.

Follow these two simple steps and your mat will be ready to keep dirt out of your home.

The mat is clean and ready to stand guard outside your door again.