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Stop dirt at the door

Keep your house clean

Stop dirt at the door

Keep your house clean

The #1 reason why households buy doormats is to keep the dirt and debris outside. No door mat performs better than the Clean Machine doormat with AstroTurf Technology. Our patented design will grab and hold dirt, preventing it from coming into your home. This means less cleaning for you. And the Clean Machine is simple to clean. Just shake and hose it off and it is ready to keep working for you. You’ll be amazed at the amount of dirt your best new doormat will hold.
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See how the Clean Machine Works

Our doormats lock in dirt and keep it out of your home. Watch how the doormat works and how easy it is to clean them for years of reduced sand, dirt and debris in your home.

Our Products



These all-AstroTurf doormats are made in the U.S.A. and offer edge to edge turf for maximum cleaning power at the lowest price.



Add some style to your entry without sacrificing any of the cleaning surface. The Ornamental line adds weight and style to the hardest working doormat on the market.



These unique designs and shapes serve special purposes to keep your home clean by keeping dirt, sand and debris outside.

Triple Cleaning Action

Made with durable grass-like blades that scrape shoes and boots clean. The mat traps dirt and holds it below the surface for a mess-free area.

Easy To Clean All Weather Floor Mats

Collected dirt can be shaken out and the plastic mat can be easily rinsed with a garden hose.

Multipurpose Usage

Can be used indoors and outdoors as a welcome mat, home carpet, front and back doormat, in the laundry, garage, lobby, office or shop entryways.

Made In The USA

Our Genuine AstroTurf is made in the USA. We pride ourselves on manufacturing high-quality products.

Why Choose Us

Reasons you choose us

We are trusted by people who want to keep their home clean. Our products keep the outside, outside…and the inside floors cleaner.

Technically Great products